William R. from Johannesburg
French Bulldog | Titan

Contacting Puppy Find-SA was a great choice. The house was clean & the pups were spotless. He even watched our pup for the weekend . I would recommend Puppy Find-SA to anyone.

Tim & Larry Saunders from Johannesburg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Princess & Ruby

Our two Cavaliers are from Puppy Find-SA. We're blessed with a great start in doggy life: The folks at Puppy Find-SA are top notch in regards to quality breeds, proper booster vaccinations, nutrition and plenty of tender loving care. Our Cavaliers continue to bless and enrich our lives. I highly recommend Puppy Find-SA as the only way to go when looking for the ideal puppy.

Eileen Jackson from Pretoria
Yorkshire Terrier | Tiny

Tiny is part of our family. She was meant to be with us!

Jill from Kenya( Nairobi and Mombasa)
Maltese | Archie

Adopted Archie in Nov 2016. Best decision I have ever made. It was instant love when I saw him, he has not left my side since the moment we met. Archie is healthy , happy, friendly, smart and everything you would want in a pup. I love my boy. Thanks to Puppy Find-SA for uniting us.

Barbara Malvin from Cape town
Maltese | Baby

FANTASTIC SERVICE AND INTEGRITY. I purchased a Teacup Maltese few weeks ago. She is a healthy, beautiful puppy. Baby had a sugar fall and I called Puppy Find-SA at 10p.m. and he stayed online with me with help, until 3 a.m. and called the next day to check up n her. He has 2 Vets in his family and is online for help 24/7 with any questions. I've never seen a person who checks up on a puppy weeks after the sale.

The Yturralde Family from Pietermaritzburg
French Bulldog | Frankie J

Breed: Frenchton (French Bulldog x Boston Hybrid) "Here is Frankie J at 5.5 months with two of his favorite rugrats! Perfect addition to our family. Thanks Puppy Find-SA

Kelly From Mpumalanga
French Bulldog | Max

I knew I wanted a French Bulldog but it was so hard to research so many options and breeders, then contacting each and everyone, it was daunting.Then I found you guys and it was so easy, I was able to communicate with the breeder for many adorable puppies all from one place.

Robert from Namibia
Pug | Jessy

Perfect experience with Puppy Find-SA . We were very impressed by the thorough nature of the process; very quick to respond to an email or answer a question. The big day went off without a hitch; They provided us with a wealth of information about pug care prior to the arrival of our little guy. we adore him! . Thanks guys, for everything!

Elizabeth Gardiner from Bloemfontein
Golden Retriever puppy | Abby

A year ago I started a very extensive search for a new Golden Retriever puppy. Fortunately, I found Piper, the beautiful girl in the foreground, just captured my attention and next to my heart. This gorgeous puppy is gentle and kind with my little old toy Golden Retriever puppy. The surprise was what an athlete she soon proved to be. I took her to the Golden Retriever puppy club fun runs where she easily displayed her grace and speed. I knew she would enjoy a buddy to run and play. We want to thank you for Piper arrived safely.

Jessica from Botswana
Siberian Husky | Bella

I was able to get questions answered. He really made the entire process easy and clear and before I knew it I had my puppy! The travel department worked closely with us to make sure my puppy had the shortest flights and it was a wonderful and reassuring process. I was very pleased with the breeder and their extra care and love for their puppies and the great service